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About Us





Angel’s Unique Assistance  was started in November of 2002.   It  was started as a way  to bring in a second income and be home with our 3 young boys.  Within 3 months l grew a strong residential clientele just by word of mouth.  I felt that if I was paying for services how would I like the job done? From that idea our excellent level of service was born.  With in the next two years business exploded and I had to expand, so much so that I had 4 additional ladies employed.  It was then I decided to sell the residential department and strictly venture into the commercial aspect of cleaning services.  Business grew and so did the family. 

In 2010 again major changes were made and a reconstruction of our services, organization and commitment were put into play.  Angel’s Unique Assistance was re-branded, shortened to AUA Inc. and the changes continue, as we strive to make improvements in any area we see a need for improvement.  Throughout the years each of my boys and my husband played a big part of working along side of me and making this business what it is today.  Angel’s Unique Assistance has grown from a small family business to the successful professional cleaning business that can provide services to all types of clients.  We are proud of the companies that we do business with.  Some companies start and stop over night, but we plan on being in business for years to come and strive to keep our clients and put our clients needs first.

We provide professional and dependable cleaning services.  We utilize a detailed check list for each location and client to ensure we accomplish each cleaning task, without exception.  Committed to quality control and providing the best possible service, we oversee and spot check each job to ensure our cleaning service is unmatched in the industry.  If you are looking for the most detailed, dependable, and professional cleaning service in the industry, contact AUA today.  While many of our cleaning competitors may treat you like a number, AUA prides itself on creating a positive and long-lasting professional relationship with each and every client.  We believe our level of service, commitment and attention to detail is unmatched within the industry and we stand behind our service!

I feel that you get what you pay for, that being said, I believe in rewarding my staff and treating them with the respect that I expect.  We plan on keeping old school, small family values with honesty and integrity and be around for a long time to come.  The name has been abbreviated, the logo has changed, but the quality will stay the same.

It is our belief that

” Quality Is Not Expensive it’s Priceless”

Angel Paton